Distance Learning: Food & Gardening

Food Security and Gardening

AmeriCorps Team Member, Ms. Lexi, is Pagosa Peak Open School’s Food Security Champion. She is continuing to support our students via sack meal packages, take-home projects and videos.

Meals for Our Students

Pagosa Peak Open School is distributing lunches through the Archuleta School District and working with the Food System|Food Equity Coalition to ensure our families stay happy, healthy, and fed throughout these strange times. For more information, please contact lbernstein@ppos.co or visit foodcoalition4archulta.weebly.com to stay updated!


Planting at Home!

At PPOS, we believe there is no better way to learn about healthy food choices than by growing our own food!

While embracing distance learning, we have tried to incorporate as much experiential learning into the new structure as possible by sending home a planter kit. Included inside the kit was everything necessary to start seeds in recycled planters including soil, containers, seeds, and an instructional guide.

Three weeks later, students are seeing their first sprouts and recording their observations of the lettuce, tomato, spinach, and pea plants growing in their window sills. Click here for more photos of our students showing off their sprouts!


Learn About Nutrition Labels:

Click here for Nutrition Labels Part One
Click here for Nutrition Labels Part Two

Pagosa Peak Open School Cooking Videos:

PB & J (with a twist!):

Click here for the PB&J Nearpod link where your student can follow Ms. Lexi’s guiding questions.


Baked Potato:

Click here for the Baked Potato Nearpod link where your student can follow Ms. Lexi’s guiding questions.


Eggs 3 Ways: