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'Blues Box' Dance Raises $20K for Pagosa Peak Open School

Music producers Blue Haas and DC Duncan, in cooperation Pagosa Peak Open School, rolled out a fabulous community event last weekend...

Nourishment and Care

Pagosa Peak Open School has a new focus this year. Along with their place-based, project-based model, they have taken on food security as a priority.

Pagosa Peak Open School has initiated a capital campaign to purchase the building we have been leasing since the spring of 2017...

the Blues Box Pagosa Springs
Our Gardening Youth

1920s themed extravaganza to feature music, culture, fashions from the Prohibition Era...

1920s themed extravaganza to feature music, culture, fashions from the Prohibition Era...

Summer of 2019 will take PPOS students from the GGP Education Dome to Southern Roots Farm

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Pagosa Peak Open School is an intentionally small and intimate K-8 public school, chartered through the Archuleta School District and governed by an independent, volunteer board of directors.

We opened our doors in September 2017 as a tuition-free elementary school, open to all Archuleta County families. The school operates year-round to better accommodate our focus on outdoor education and gardening/horticulture.

The "Open School" Framework

Open education is motivated by a belief that children have a natural desire to learn, and that desire can be encouraged when given access to multiple avenues to obtain the knowledge that interests them. Click here to learn more about our school!

Year-round Schooling

In order to facilitate PPOS’s stress on environmental education and health, the school will operate on a year-round schedule, thus providing access to summertime activities — hikes, outdoor science experiments, and our "Edible Schoolyard”.

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A Close Look at Life

A tiny redwood, a group of worms, a guinea pig, a flutter of butterflies, a patch of strawberries. Life springs around PPOS students as rainy…

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End of the Year BBQ

Pagosa Peak Open School is hosting a fun end-of-the-school-year BBQ! Current and prospective families are encouraged to attend, mingle and celebrate as we end the…

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PPOS Presents: Donuts with the Director

Pagosa Peak Open School is now under the new leadership of school director Angela Reali-Crossland and we are excited to share our vision for the…

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Real Life Math: How 2nd and 3rd Grade Students Learned the Beauty of Giving Back

On May 9th, after weeks of hard work managing money collected from their class store, Ms. Robyn’s 2nd and 3rd grade class took their earnings…

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Pagosa Peak Open School aims to inspire a passion and respect for learning, knowledge, character and skills, enabling children to pursue their dreams and lead meaningful lives. Children are nurtured and engaged through outdoor education, hands-on projects, and community involvement.

Pagosa Peak Open School is committed to providing a flexible, respectful and inclusive learning environment built upon individual competencies and interests, where education evolves as a creative process, fostering self-sufficient individuals with inquisitive minds. By exploring subjects through participation in natural environments, student achievement is amplified and a strong sense of place is solidified, inevitably supporting community vitality and a healthy planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Charter Schools are public schools
  • Charter schools are tuition-free
  • Charter schools operate separately from the school district and has its own board of directors
  • Charter schools are accredited
  • Charter schools accept students with IEP and 504 Plans
  • Charter schools ARE mandated to participate in state testing
  • Charter schools are not required to follow certain Colorado Laws, including hiring “certified teachers”

The “Open School” framework that we’ve chosen to adopt refers to the elimination of barriers in education that can prevent broader ideas of success and recognition. Open education is motivated by a belief that children have a natural desire to learn, and that desire can be encouraged when given access to multiple avenues to obtain the knowledge that interests them. The means in which this type of learning is facilitated generally involves hands-on experiences, where children take responsibility for their educational decisions, and students are able to experience the emotional and physical side of education. Open education allows children to have a deeper understanding of how education and community is related. Teachers in turn become the learning assistant. Teachers are to observe, guide, and provide materials for the learners; they facilitate not dominate the learning process.

Open School Classrooms are:

  • Ungraded: Students write narrative self-evaluations in order to complete classes and teachers respond indicating whether a student has achieved an appropriate level of proficiency.
  • Non-graded: Students enroll in a multi-aged grouping such as Early Learning Center (typically grades 1-3)
  • With the exception of project work, there will be no regularly assigned homework.

Assessments will reflect the ongoing change and growth innate in this communitydriven system. Although the assessments legally required by the state of Colorado will be performed as required, the staff, students and parents/guardians will be involved in creating a much broader assessment system to track whether the individualized instruction is succeeding to meet its stated goals.

The in-school assessment system will include both formative and summative assessments, which will be created collaboratively based on input from all participants.

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