The child has one intuitive aim: self development

6th Grade Quarantine Kits

Yesterday Ms. Kelsey, our 6th grade advisor, took a little field trip. She made quarantine survival kits and delivered them individually to each of her students. Ms. Kelsey relished the joy of seeing their smiles as they accepted their gifts.

Each kit contained a squishy or sticky lizard for the moments when they are stressed or frustrated and they need to squeeze something. She packed a bouncy ball and googley eyes just for fun as well as a pencil for the moments when they can’t seem to find one or need to doodle.

In every kit Ms. Kelsey packed a wooden puzzle piece. She asked every student to decorate their puzzle piece because they are all a big piece of the class. When they are allowed to be back together again, the 6th grade class will assemble the puzzle, representing the importance of each student to the class as a group.

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