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Charter Application Submitted!

Today we sent in our 451-page charter application to the district Superintendent! She will have 15 days to review the application for completeness, then she passes it on to the District Accountability Committee that will also have 15 days to review, and then it finally gets passed on to the School Board, which has 90 days to review, meet, and come to a decision on whether to approve, deny it, or approve with conditions.

Click on the following links to download:
Charter Application (29 MB)
Application Appendices (18 MB)

Our group has been fortunate enough to be submitting this application in a time when the School Board and the District Administrators are not only cooperative, but seemingly supportive of our efforts. That said, in the unlikely event that our charter application gets denied, our group with apply through the Colorado Charter School Institute, which would revoke our local district’s chartering authority. Therefore, that step is likely to be avoided at all costs.

During this entire process we have been working alongside the Colorado League of Charter Schools, the CDE, Education, legal, Special Ed, building, and finance consultants, as well as numerous experiential and/or Expeditionary school administrators, and we are confident that we have written an exceptional plan for a sustainable, high performing K-8 school.

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